Advisor working with MBA student


Everyone needs a little help now and again. Our Advising Center is here to help you navigate your way through a successful academic career.

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As one of the pioneers of online education, Isenberg has honed the art of advising. With over a decade of experience providing support for online students, our dedicated academic advisors are seasoned counselors with a deep understanding of your needs as working professionals. Your success is Isenberg’s top priority.

We offer students as much or as little help as they need because we know everyone is wired differently. Mainly, we want you to know that getting your degree, finding classes that you both need and enjoy, and balancing your work and professional life – it’s doable. And we’re always here to help.

Use our four distinct services to help you easily navigate your program:

These interactive tools reveal personalized program options for every student. 

  • MBA students can create a degree roadmap that will help them plan a semester-by-semester class schedule to complete their degree.
  • Undergraduate students can discover what electives best suit their interests and fit into their major by creating an electives roadmap.

Courses: Browse & Enroll 
This one-stop shop lays out courses offered this semester and gives you a year-at-a-glance.  Students can sign up for classes during open enrollment.

Try a Class
This unique service lets students take classes before applying or jump ahead in the program of their choice.

The Undergrad and MBA Toolkits act as a quick portal to the topics you may be searching for, from applying to your program to enrolling in classes. These toolkits are available on nearly every web page and are tailored to both prospective and current students. Simply designate your student status by clicking the link provided on the toolkit, and then dive into our most popular topics.