Mission Statement

Revised: February 2009

The Isenberg School of Management advances the reputation and mission of the University of Massachusetts' flagship campus and land grant institution by 1) Making an impact on research in management, on the teaching of management, and the practice of management by creating and sharing new knowledge, 2) Preparing students for a rapidly changing business environment by providing high quality educational programs, and 3) Supporting organizations within the Commonwealth and other constituencies through outreach activities.  In fulfilling this mission, the Isenberg School follows these principles:


  1. We are committed to a diversity of backgrounds, interests and perspectives in the people we employ, the students we enroll, and the programs we offer;
  2. We provide an exceptional education and develop men and women of high integrity to be leaders in their chosen fields;
  3. We value the importance of the interdisciplinary nature of business and  create programmatic offerings accordingly;
  4. We build core areas of research strength and respond to new and burgeoning areas with our research focus and program development; and
  5. We prepare our students for the marketplace through job placement support services and strong connections with alumni and corporate partners.


Vision and Goals

To advance and embody the University's aspiration to assume its place among the upper echelon of national public universities, the Isenberg School plays a critical role by:


  1. Increasing levels of published research and scholarship, and building  interdisciplinary research teams;
  2. Creating and growing the revenue generating potential of research centers and interdisciplinary research programs;
  3. Growing and further developing our graduate programs and expanding their national and international reach;
  4. Developing an innovative approach to undergraduate education via regular curricular changes and the optimal preparation of our students to make significant contributions in the marketplace and to society as a whole;
  5. Prioritizing faculty position allocations with a focus on areas where we do or can excel and become a national power;
  6. Strengthening alumni fundraising efforts to focus on the improvement of our infrastructure and operations, and increasing the participation of our alumni; and
  7. Developing a centralized and systematic approach to communicate the Isenberg values, goals, and success stories to both internal and external stakeholders.