Alli Sports, The Dew Tour Practicum 2011


Alli Sports, a division of NBC Sports based in Chicago, is annually challenged to sell tickets to its five-city Summer Dew Tour. The overarching goal of this practicum was to develop strategy and tactics for significantly growing event ticket revenues for the Summer Dew Tour.


A team of Isenberg MBA students began by thoroughly reviewing the marketing plans, ticket sales data, and P&L's for the past five years to cull out trends and to better understand the Dew Tour sports property. This project also took a deep-dive look at the Dew Tour demographic (12-24 year olds) to understand how best to position and market the Dew Tour to this key demographic. The team also researched and analyzed best practices amongst other grassroots sports events in terms of ticket sales strategies.  


"The Dew Tour received valuable insights from this project. The Isenberg team's focus group research uncovered key insights into how consumers perceive our current messaging, and provided solid ideas into how we should re-position our events to better resonate with our core consumers. In particular, the recommendations for how we should utilize a group ticket sales plan to enhance our overall attendance is something that we will be implementing in the future."


 - Jeff Wagner, Alli Sports, Director of Business Development & Finance