Examples of Recent Isenberg Assistanships


Consult While You Get Your Degree: UMass Center for Student Business


In this assistantship, an MBA student oversees and advises eight undergraduate student-run businesses with over $716K in combined annual revenue.  The cooperative and mission-driven businesses include a copy center, cafés, bike repair shop, and a ticket sales company. The MBA student advisor helps the businesses face challenges and supports them with budgeting and forecasting, inventory management, auditing, cash management, public relations, marketing, strategic development, and human resources management.

Entrepreneurship in Action: partnering with scientists & local businesses

During the fall semester, with Professor James Theroux, an MBA student works with teams of business students and university scientists/engineers to bring a product to market.   In the spring semester, he or she oversees and advises teams of students as they consult for a local business.  This assistantship allows the student to work closely with several faculty members and to network with entrepreneurs, investors, and business professionals.

Hedge Funds: The Center for International Securities and Derivatives Markets (CISDM)

Hedge Funds are playing an increasingly important role in the global world of investments. At the forefront of the academic hedge fund world lies the Center for International Securities and Derivatives Markets (CISDM) housed at Isenberg. CISDM is a non-profit academic research center that focuses on security and investment fund performance in both U.S. and international asset markets. The goals of CISDM are to facilitate research in both traditional and alternative investment markets, to promote interactions between the academic and business communities, and to make available CISDM educational material on international financial markets to financial and non-financial firms. . ... more


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