Hedging on the Future...working with The Center for International Securities and Deriviatives Markets.


Hedge Funds are playing an increasingly important role in the global world of investments. At the forefront of the academic hedge fund world lies the Center for International Securities and Derivatives Markets (CISDM) housed at the Isenberg School. CISDM is a non-profit academic research center that focuses on security and investment fund performance in both U.S. and international asset markets. The goals of CISDM are to facilitate research in both traditional and alternative investment markets, to promote interactions between the academic and business communities, and to make available CISDM educational material on international financial markets to financial and non-financial firms.

Several Isenberg MBA's who are particularly strong in finance have worked at CISDM conducting several activities that have given them tremendous experience outside of the classroom. These activities include hedge fund research and analysis; creation and execution of annual conferences in London, New York, Chicago, Boston, and Amherst; maintaining a series of publicly available passive and actively managed fund indices in the areas of equity, fixed-income, managed futures, and hedge fund investment; and the publication of the Journal of Alternative Investments.

Recent examples of student work include: articles published in leading financial journals such as Hedging Mutual Fund Returns Using Future Markets and ETFs, The Benefits of Private Investments; re-designing the CISDM Website establishing a common information portal for the center; working with hedge funds and managed futures on their risk management strategies; and working with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on an extensive survey of hedge fund managers and investors.