Verité Practicum 2011


For more than a decade, Verité, a nonprofit whose mission is to ensure that people around the world work under safe, fair, and legal conditions, has been auditing producer factories for major corporations.  In doing so, Verité has accumulated a vast body of knowledge about working conditions across sectors, countries, and time.  However, Verité did not have a systematic way to store this information as data that could be mined. 


Four Isenberg MBA students took a "deep dive" into this problem-they interviewed employees, studied different report types, and researched knowledge management and database best practices.  The team then cross referenced different report types to create a master document that could translate these divergent documents into cohesive data.  The result was a strategic, user-friendly information-design tool - a database blueprint for storing and mining the new data set.



"Thanks to our Isenberg MBA team, I have a perfect blueprint for how I can finally use this data as a super-weapon in our fight for fair labor, worldwide.  This strategic tool will be an integral part of our proposal for project funding.  Verité could not have come this far on its own without the help of the Isenberg team's flawless and expert management of this project."


- Alan Wolf, COO Verité, Inc.