Toyota Practicum 2011


In 2011, the average age of a Toyota buyer in the United States was 58. Toyota launched the Scion line a number of years ago to engage younger buyers and bring them into the Toyota family. But the Scion cars have not been as successful as Toyota hoped, particularly in New England, where sales are less than half of projections.


A team of Isenberg MBA students studied the problem in depth, interviewing and observing dealers and customers throughout New England, analyzing sales and marketing data, observing and interviewing customers, examining how Toyota was marketing the Scion and its pricing and incentive plans, and gave Toyota executives important insights and recommendations as to what they needed to do.



"After implementing the recommendations proposed by Isenberg's MBA students, our sales are up 14.7% versus last year. We have had more dealer participation in all our events. Since May, our leasing penetration has gone from 13.7% up to 24.3% and our share of the nation has grown. I can't thank the students and Isenberg enough for facilitating this opportunity for collaboration and for their dedication to  making us a better company!"


- John Reilly, Scion Manager, Toyota Motor Sales, USA