AGreen Energy, LLC Practicum 2011


AGreen Energy, LLC (AGE) is a 52% farmer-owned startup company founded in 2007 to improve the economic sustainability of family dairy farms in Massachusetts through the production of renewable energy and fertilizer. With limited financial and human resources, the company hoped to create an additional revenue stream and needed a strategic marketing plan to match their business goals. In 2011, AGE planned to introduce the first anaerobic digestion farming product to Massachusetts, but needed to develop a clear plan on how the digestate / fertilizers would be distributed and marketed to consumers.



The Isenberg MBA team identified market opportunities for AGE's solid and liquid by-products of the anaerobic digestion process. The students took a comprehensive approach, researched macro-environmental and industry trends, performed a market analysis, and contacted over 150 sources to better understand the product composition, uses, regulations, customers, and costs. After exploring multiple paths to market, the team presented a two-phase marketing strategy with financial projections for each product as well as an overall competitive strategy for the company's products. Focusing on actionable deliverables for a startup company, the students submitted a trademark application for the product name, held a contest for a company logo, researched labs for product analysis, secured customers for product trials, and provided the company with instructions for organic certification. 


 "AGreen Energy received valuable business direction from the work of the Isenberg team. We have strategic, concrete next steps ahead of us. The implementation plan will help us test out the economic parameters of our fertilizer product, and activate a marketing plan. We view this project as a fundamental launching pad for product positioning and promotional tactics moving forward."


- Bill Jorgenson, Managing Partner of AGreen Energy, LLC