Greetings from the Graduate Business Association!  


Welcome to the Isenberg School of Management.


The Graduate Business Association (GBA) drives student led initiatives that improve communication and culture in the Isenberg full-time MBA program.  At the heart of it, the GBA is a vehicle for student led innovation and we consider improving your full-time MBA experience to be our ultimate objective.


Right now is an exciting time for the GBA and the Isenberg MBA program.  The GBA is currently organizing itself and its focus to better address student needs and effectively add value to the full-time MBA experience.  Many of these changes are currently being planned and implemented and we are hoping that the end result will be a stronger GBA and an improved experience for Isenberg MBAs.

Newly admitted MBA students


If you are a recently admitted MBA student and would like to learn more about the GBA or be placed in contact with current degree students through our GBA Connects program, please feel free to email me at

More to come from the GBA


Please check back with us regularly.  We hope to have revised content up with more information about our organization.


Best wishes,


Brady Fish, GBA President

MBA candidate, 2014