Current Officers

GBA board members serve two consecutive semesters. A new board is elected at the end of every fall semester.


Brady Fish, President

The president calls and runs meetings, coordinates the work of other officers and acts as the primary liaison between the GBA board and the administration.


Joseph Mason, Vice President
The vice-president assists the president in his duties and often leads special projects and initiatives.


CJ Kenney,  Treasurer

The treasurer is responsible for managing all GBA funds.


Eric Levine, Knowledge Management Chair
The knowledge management chair is responsible for the maintenance of documentation, knowledge, and the GBA's web presence


Lisbeth Pacheco, Academic Co-Chair
Dibyo Guhasarkar, Academic Co-Chair
The academic chairs advocates on behalf of GBA members and works with faculty and administration on class schedules, elective offerings and other academic concerns.


Noelle Southwick, Business Development Co-Chair

 Michael Matt, Business Development Co-Chair

The Business Development chairs lead the GBA efforts to raise funds through special events and other fundraising campaigns.

Katie Saylor, Social Co-Chair
DJ Jauss, Social Co-Chair
The social chairs organize events and social activities, including weekly Thursday Night Outs (TNO's), to give students and faculty a chance to get to know each other and unwind.

Emily Rawdon, Public Relations Co-Chair
Molly Cosgrove, Public Relations Co-Chair
The public relations chairs organize community outreach efforts and attempt to create a positive image of the GBA and the MBA program across the university and the community.


Maria Fernandez, Professional Development Co-Chair
Beck Bailey, Professional Development Co-Chair
The professional development chairs work with alumni and local communities to provide GBA members with opportunities to visit successful organizations and learn from other experienced professionals in the field