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For more information on the database, information regarding cost, to purchase the database or to speak to someone if you have a research related question, please contact:


          Patricia Bonnett


         Telephone:  413.577.3166 and leave a message




What is the Morningstar CISDM dataset?


          The Morningstar CISDM Database (formerly the MAR Database) is the oldest Hedge Fund and CTA database in the market.  Tracking qualitative and quantitative information for more than 5000 hedge funds, funds of funds and CTAs since 1994, the Morningstar CISDM Database is highly recognized as a research tool by academics in their studies and in articles related to the hedge fund and CTA industries.


          In addition to 5000+ surviving funds,the Morningstar CISDM Database also includes a graveyard database which contains qualitative and quantitative information for over 11000 inactive hedge funds, funds of funds and CTAs.


           Features:  The Morningstar CISDM Database provides information for hedge funds, funds of funds and CTAs in Excel format in three separate clusters:


           1.  Fund Information Cluster: This cluster provides qualitative firm and/or fund details including manager name and history, fund category, fund domicile, registrations, firm total assets, inception date, base currency, management fee, performance fee and minimum purchase.

           2.  Fund Returns Cluster: This cluster provides monthly returns of active funds since their inception date.  Each monthly return data is in fund's base currency and net of all fees. 

           3.  Fund Assets Cluster: This cluster provides monthly net AUM of active funds since 1994.  Each monthly net AUM data is in fund's base currency.




Are the returns net of fees?

            Yes, all the returns are net of fees.


What are the Terms of Use?

           The license is for a one-time download.


How do I get a copy of the Morningstar CISDM license agreement?

          Please contact Lyne Laliberte in the Office of Commercial Ventures and Intellectual Property - UMass Amherst



Is the data access for a single user or for a university or government institution?

          The data is available for a single user or access through a site license by a university or government institution.


As a fund manager, how can I list my company on the Morningstar/CISDM database?

          Please contact Morningstar and fill out the appropriate form.  See link below:


          After you fill out the form, someone should be contacting you within 1-2 business days with specific instructions on how to add the fund to the Morningstar/CISDM database.